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3 Ways a Plant Based Diet Improves your Mental Health

3 Ways a Plant Based Diet Improves your Mental Health

When it comes to becoming healthier, whether that is losing weight, getting more energy, or just feeling stronger and better about yourself, there are many diets which you have likely seen promise results.  While many work and offer success, it is dependent on the individual and you may need to try several different ones to help you reach your goals.  One of those that you can try is a plant-based diet.  Using a plant-based diet is not only sustainable for you and the planet, but also offers benefits for your mental health and well-being.

Improves your Mental Acuity

If you have read about the benefits of healthy fats when it comes to improving your mental health, you are not wrong. When you consume healthy fats, such as those found in avocado, nuts, seeds and coconut, your body converts these two ketones.  Ketones are an efficient source of fuel for the brain because it can gain maximal energy from them for a sustained period of time.  Loss of focus, brain fog, or inability to concentrate all come when the brain is fatigued and does not have enough fuel to function.  Ketones are a great way to fix this, and in addition fats are nourishing to the brain as it is made up of a great deal of fat for insulation of neurons and transferal of brain signals.

Reduces Sugar-Induced Anxiety

You may be familiar with the anxiety that can follow from a quick spike in your blood sugar, where you get nervous more easily, are less able to focus, feel shaky or unsteady in your hands, and even have an increased heart rate. For some people, this can be a trigger for increased levels of anxiety. Foods that are natural and from the earth do not contain artificial amounts of sugar that the body cannot process effectively, and do not cause this unwanted spike in blood sugar.  This means that by consuming more plants, or having healthy vegan prepared meals regularly, you can reduce your incidence of anxiety that is caused by a spike in blood sugar.

Boosts Memory

The increasing research on brain foods offers promising outcomes for helping us use functional foods to improve mental acuity, enhance concentration, boost memory and even help decrease the risk or onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. In a recent study, researchers found that elderly people who are given specific plant nutrients have improved cognitive function, and that increased intake of the infamous anti-inflammatory root, turmeric is responsible for India having some of the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s.  All of these benefits can be observed by adding increased plants to the diet and can have a positive impact on the brain in helping boost memory and reduce aging.

If you haven’t had much exposure to plant-based foods to see the incredible benefits they can offer to you and your overall health, consider how you could profit from adding a subscription meal service to your regular routine.  Simply reach out to Savor Living and ask about getting started towards a healthier future!


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