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Chili Paste - A Savor kitchen secret ingredient!

Chili Paste - A Savor kitchen secret ingredient!

Chili Paste – A Savor Kitchen secret ingredient!

You may have asked yourself, ‘what is it about this Savor dish that makes it so darn good?’ If you are talking about one of our many Mexican inspired dishes, the answer would be our house-made chilli paste.

First things first, let’s talk chilies!

Our favourites to use are:
Chili ancho – which is a dried poblano pepper. They have a little bit of heat to them, some hotter than others.
Morita – has a smoky flavour, as it’s a smoke-dried jalapeno. It is also referred to as chipotle.
Guajillo – is one of the mildest of the peppers. So if you aren’t into too much heat, the guajillo is your friend.
Pasilla – is a little longer and wider than the ancho and mild in flavour.

This is just a basic list of the peppers we use in our house-made chili paste. There many others that you might want to consider experimenting with.

If you are a cook, who is interesting in experimenting with ingredients from around the world, the GTA is such a fantastic place to live. All the chilies mentioned above can easily be found in your local Latin market, sometimes in your local grocery store. If you live in Oakville like I do, you can buy all the chillies you need at Nostalgia Latin Market.

Savor’s House-Made Chili Paste

50 grams Chili ancho
50 grams Pasilla
25 grams Morita
25 grams Guajillo
80 grams onion, roughly chopped
20 grams garlic, fresh
15 grams salt

1) Using a knife or scissors, cut into the pepper and remove the stem as well as all the seeds.
2) Over medium-high heat, toast the pepper pieces until starting to become fragrant. Alternatively, you can toast in the oven, watching carefully not to burn.
3) When the chilies are done, transfer to a bowl and pour enough boiling water over to cover the toasted chilies. Let soak for 30 minutes.
4) When the chillies are done soaking, strain – reserving some of the soaking liquid.
5) Add the soaked chilies, onion, garlic and salt to a blender.
6) Blend on high unit smooth, adding a little of the soaking liquid as needed. Make sure not to add too much, or it will be too runny.
We use this chili paste in a number of our Savor dishes, including our Taquitos de Nico-Lachka, Cast Iron Corn Chowder, Cauliflower Tacos, Crema de Elote, as well as our Squash Seed Dip.

What tasty dishes will you add this versatile paste in?


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