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Healthy Snack Ideas That Fill You Up

Healthy Snack Ideas That Fill You Up

Snacking sometimes gets a bad rap when it comes to following a healthy diet and trying to stick to a selection of vegan prepared meals. But the truth is, snacks can have a place in your diet, and can contribute positively to your daily nutrient intake, help you feel satisfied and energized, and prevent you from overeating on less healthy food choices later in the day.  Here are some healthy snack ideas to try that will fill you up and offer a nourishing, satisfying solution to your mid-afternoon tummy grumbles:

Raw Vegetables with Hummus

Incorporating raw veggies or fruit into your day as a snack option is always advisable, for several reasons.  Firstly, the veggies are nutrient dense and offer everything from Vitamin A to Vitamin B to minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Next, raw vegetables are high in fibre. Fibre is important to help fill you up and make food let you feel satiated and satisfied, and also is very important in helping facilitate proper digestion and elimination. Combine your vegetables with hummus for dipping, and you have now added an additional source of fibre and a protein rich add on that will give you a satisfying, filling snack.

Whole Grain Crackers and Avocado

Avocado is a favourite amongst those following a plant-based diet and opting for healthy meal delivery services, and so squeezing it in whenever possible is often a welcome addition.  High in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, avocado fills you up because of the protein and fat combination. Add it on top of whole grain crackers, or whole grain bread, and you now have a source of complex carbohydrate which further contributes to your satiety due to its high level of fibre.

Green Smoothie

The trick with having a healthy smoothie for a snack is to watch your portion size and watch your ingredients! Pack your smoothie with spinach, low sugar fruit like strawberries, and then add in some pumpkin to help make it creamy, before topping off with your go to superfoods like Maca, cacao, mesquite, spirulina, and lucuma. Liquefy it with some water and add ice, and you will have a healthy blend that is jam packed with nutrients: Vitamin B, iodine, iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C and heaps of antioxidants. Together these things are a great boost to your daily intake of nutrients and the fibre and liquid component of the smoothie is sure to leave you full and satisfied!

Fresh Fruit and Nuts

A handful of walnuts, or a tablespoon of almond butter with a fresh apple is a great way to satisfy that mid-afternoon craving for something crunchy instead of opting for chips or cookies. Apples are high in fibre and water, both of which help leave you satiated, and combine well with the nuts, which are a source of protein and healthy fats. The ideal combination for a snack is protein, fat, and carbohydrate as this helps successfully facilitate fullness.



Add these foods to your weekly vegan food kit to be sure you have them on hand when you need them. And then contact Savor Living to take care of the rest of your healthy meals and learn about how you can arrange for vegan home delivery every day of the week!



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