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Mid Week Refuel with Savor's Power Balls & Energize Me! Salad

Mid Week Refuel with Savor's Power Balls & Energize Me! Salad

Wednesdays are always the toughest day to get through. You’ve made it through a good portion of the week, but it’s still not quite the weekend yet. You may find yourself running low on fuel and grabbing one more coffee, or a sugar-packed snack to get you through the day. In the Savor kitchen, we love to snack on our Power Balls if that mid week slump arrives and we need a healthy hit of energy.

Our Power Balls are packed full of nutrients to give you that mid-week boost. They contain nutrient-dense carbohydrates from the dried fruit, filling you up and giving that boost of energy. Dried fruit also contains high levels of dietary fibre, and potassium, which are beneficial for your heart health. These Power Balls are packed full of nuts and seeds, which contain healthy unsaturated fats. Don't let the word "fat" scare you; these unsaturated fats will keep you feeling full for longer, as well as benefit your heart health, transfer vitamins around the body, and aid in weight loss. Not only are they packed with delicious, nutritious ingredients, but these foods are left in their natural state and are completely uncooked. Leaving ingredients raw ensures the phytonutrients, such as antioxidants, are left unharmed and are in their optimal state for absorption.

Looking for something more than a snack to give you that boost? We also love our Energize Me! salad, full of nutrient-dense, energy-packed ingredients. This isn’t a traditional salad as you get hearty vegetables, fresh berries, and walnuts to keep you feeling full for longer. We guarantee you’ll feel satisfied after this delicious meal!

It’s easy to turn to that quick snack or coffee to give you that mid-day energy boost. We ensure you that choosing a whole food, plant-based option will give you even more energy, that will last much longer!

Looking forward to feeding you! 



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