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Savor's 'Detox Me' Cleanse

Savor's 'Detox Me' Cleanse

We are so excited for spring and summer 2017. Buds are just starting to burst open on the trees, the first flowers of the season are breaking through the soil, and the best news of all, warmer weather is on the horizon.

Spring is also an excellent time to cleanse our bodies.

Savor's 'Detox Me' is different from the traditional 'juice only' cleanse, as it offers a daily combination of four certified organic juices, 1 healing turmeric broth, a large salad each day, and 1 power ball per day, for three consecutive days. There is no feeling of deprivation when enjoying a warm healing turmeric broth, large salad along with the combination of juices and a sweet treat for the end of the day. It's easy peasy to stick to! Pick-up is on Monday (except on a long weekend, then delivery of the cleanse is Wednesday), to start first thing Tuesday morning.

Here are 5 reasons why cleansing is so great for you:

1) Detox: Daily, we accumulate toxins in our bodies from our food, water, environment and the air we breathe. Regular juice cleansing helps flush impurities from your cells.
2) Restore your energy: Juice cleansing replaces your regular diet with nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich juices, full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients in their most natural, raw and easy-to-assimilate form.
3) Let go of unhealthy habits: Your body intuitively craves foods that are right for it. Juice cleansing resets and re-sensitizes your taste buds, and allows your body’s natural intelligence – and not your “addictions” – to dictate food choices.
4) Lay the groundwork for weight loss: Juice cleansing is the ideal way to jumpstart positive dietary and lifestyle changes.
5) Improve your skin: Your skin is the largest organ in your body and mirrors what you ingest.

In case you need more reasons…
• Prevent or reverse disease
• Slow aging
• Experience more restful sleep
• Reduce allergies
• Reveal food sensitivities
• Bolster your immune system
• Gain mental and/or emotional clarity
• Balance your hormones
• Ease digestion
• Focus on yourself
• Rehydrate

So many great reasons to commit to doing a cleanse. Not just any cleanse, but our 'Detox Me' Cleanse. We've made cleansing easy. 



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May 22, 2017 • Posted by Lyn Hartman

I’ll be planning on doing this with Renee in June!!! Looking forward to it.

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