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The Effects of Sugar on the Body and How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally

The Effects of Sugar on the Body and How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally

Over the last few years, there has been an abundance of articles, stories, studies, and campaigns in the media surrounding refined sugar. The overwhelming conclusion from all of these is that refined sugar is an unnecessary and ill-advised component of our regular diet, and that most of us could benefit from reducing the amount of refined sugar we consume. 

Before you start to think about how you can reduce your sugar intake however, let’s understand some of the negative effects sugar can have on the body, and the long-term health consequences these can produce.

  • Energy Balance – Consuming sugar spikes your blood sugar, leading to that sugar high you may have experienced, followed by a crash. Repetitively causing this rise and fall in your body eventually leads you to crave the high, and hence you crave (and consume) sugar. In many cases, this can lead you to make poor food choices instead of ordering from a healthy lunch delivery service instead.
  • Insulin Resistance – At the root of sugar metabolism is our body’s ability to release and eliminate insulin. Consuming too much sugar eventually wears out the body’s ability to do this and our sugar levels remain too high in the bloodstream.  This is the onset of diabetes and can be perpetuated without adequate healthy vegetarian prepared meals.
  • Brain Function – When you feed your body with sugar, this is the fuel the brain uses. It is not however, an optimal fuel for your brain, and doesn’t allow you to maintain focus, complete difficulty tasks, manage your moods and emotions or think rationally.
  • Gut Health – When you consume sugar, the “bad” bacteria in your gut love it and start to grow and multiply. This inhibits healthy bacteria from growing, upsets your gut balance, and ultimately leads to things such as bloating, indigestion, stomach cramps and constipation. If gut dysbiosis is allowed to remain, long-term problems such as Candida, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, and allergies can result.

Given the myriad of negative affects refined sugar can have on the body, and your long-term health and wellbeing. it is recommended to avoid it when possible and opt for more natural alternatives: 

  • Dates
    You can focus on making your vegan prepared food, like snacks and breakfast using dates! You could call these nature’s candy, as they are wonderfully sweet, while simultaneously acting as a complex carbohydrate. This means they offer a slow release of energy and prevent that sugar spike and crash that you may be familiar with. Enjoy them in things such as energy balls or granola bars, use them in your baking, or put a couple of medjool dates in the freezer: when you bring them out and eat them, it is like digging your teeth into thick, sticky caramel!

  • Bananas
    If you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to add banana to your weekly vegan food kit! Part of the reason banana bread is so delectable and addictive, is because it is deliciously sweet from all of the overripe bananas. While you thought you were just trying to use up the brown bananas on your counter, you were actually playing with an all-natural sweetener! You can use these in several baking options such as muffins, cookies, cakes. and even ask for it in your vegan premade meal delivery, like your breakfast and snack. Better yet, freeze your ripe bananas and then whiz them up in the blender with some vanilla essence for an all-natural soft serve ice cream! The perfect finish to your meal from Savor Living
  • Stevia
    You may have read ingredient labels that included stevia. Stevia is an all-natural sugar that comes from a plant, and the sweet nectar is extracted from the leaves of the plant. The sweetness that it offers is very concentrated, meaning you need a minute amount in comparison to the amount of refined sugar you need.  This is a great option to use in beverages, such as coffee and tea, in baking, or in special desserts (like the banana soft serve!).
  • Monk Fruit Sweetener

A relatively new player on the market, monk fruit sweetener is extracted from monk fruits.  It is low in calories, and very concentrated in sweetness, and manufacturers are able to turn it into a powder or liquid, similar to you would find stevia. This sweetener is a great alternative for your baking, or in your morning oats.  Use it with moderation, until you get used to the flavor and degree of sweetness it produces. 

While the negative impact of refined sugar is real, and undesirable, there are lots of healthy alternatives.  Get rid of processed sugar, start experimenting with naturally sweet options, making healthy food choices, and contacting us for healthy meal delivered right to your door.



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