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Top 10 Reasons to Detox

Top 10 Reasons to Detox

 In today’s natural environment, there are plenty of toxins floating around in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. We’re exposed to harmful enviromental factors that affect our mental and physical health daily. Our body’s have strong systems that work together to eliminate these toxins, but these toxins can still leave our cells damaged. Detoxing helps to repair these damaged cells and helps to reduce and control the amount of toxins that enter our body. Detoxing can be done through changing our diet to consume more plant-based foods, restricting the intake of food, or juicing. Each cleanse has different benefits, but here are a few amazing reasons why we should all be detoxing:

  1. Phyto-chemicals found in living fruits and vegetables fight free-radicals found in pollution, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and other harmful pollutants in our environment.
  2. Our body requires a great amount of energy to digest common foods such as meat, dairy, and grains. Cleansing gives us a break from these processes to focus its energy elsewhere, such as repairing damaged cells.
  3. Our main detoxing organ, the liver, is constantly fed with harsh ingredients (caffeine, animal products) which puts it through a lot of work. Not having these in our system gives our liver a break and allows it to detox itself.
  4. Detoxing helps our digestive tract flow smoother and allows for more comfort in our daily lives.
  5. The living enzymes in juices provide optimal absorption of vitamins in minerals to the bloodstream. Your body receives almost 100% of your RDI (recommended daily intake) of most vitamins and minerals when cleansing.
  6. It reduces high sodium levels from processed foods which retains fluids causing bloating.
  7. It cuts cravings and reduces our appetite, helping us feel full with less food
  8. We rehydrate our body by naturally consuming more water through fruits and vegetables.
  9. It improves our mental health by increasing concentration levels throughout the day, and will allow for a better sleep.
  10. It’s a great way to reset your system and prepare for a healthier journey moving forward.

Here at Savor, our “Detox me! Cleanse” contains a mix of juices, salads, power balls, and a turmeric broth ensuring you won’t be depriving the body of any nutrients. It’s packed full of fibre, protein, and fat from our salads and power balls. The turmeric broth contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as protein and fat to fill you up. The juices provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals giving you that energy boost for mental clarity, and to repair your damaged cells. Our Nutritionist designed cleanse is the perfect combination of ingredients to provide your body with the reset it needs. Try our 3 day cleanse and your body will be thanking you!


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