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Vegan Athletes

Vegan Athletes

Many people assume that being vegan and following a plant-based diet means you live off salad and greens, love all vegetables, and chew on celery for dessert.  And as such, with this as the mainstay of your diet, it wouldn’t be possible to succeed in athletics and asking the body to perform, because after all, where do you get enough protein?

Whether you are a vegan yourself and wondering how you will fare in achieving your athletic goals, or are already an athlete and considering adopting a plant-based diet, success in athletics is not determined by eating meat. Take a look at these useful facts when it comes to athletic performance and veganism.

1.      You Don’t Need as Much Protein as You Think

The ever-popular question that vegans hear – “where do you get your protein?” – seems even more relevant when it comes to athletics.  Building muscle, like you may be trying to do by hitting the gym, and repairing muscle, which you need to do in any athletic endeavor, requires protein. But the good news is, that for most of us, our obsession with protein is out of proportion and the amount that we consume is in excess of what we need. In fact, protein deficiency is a surprisingly rare occurrence. Furthermore, you will likely be surprised to learn how many plants and plant-based foods contain protein! Leafy greens are an excellent source, as are all nuts, seeds, and nut butter.  Plant-based milks contain protein, as does the all-time favorite avocado.  Put some effort into consuming plant-based legume protein sources, such as chickpeas, lentils, and kidney beans and pretty soon, you will meet and exceed your body’s necessary protein intake.

2.      Plants Offer Sustainable Energy

Creating a diet that is made up of mostly vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes means you are creating a diet that fuels you through sustainable methods. These foods offer a slow and steady release of energy for an extended period of time. If you are working out or running, plants are the ideal solution! They keep you energized for longer intervals, and prevent an unwanted crash or hitting the wall during your athletic performance.

3.      The Diet is Sustainable

If you are taking up an athletic career, or simply trying to improve your fitness, the last thing you want is to do it in a way that you can’t maintain, that simply sees you get fit and then lose your fitness again within a couple of months.  If you obtain your high level of fitness through a crash diet, or a severely deprived diet, that is the risk, and it is not something that you will be able to continue with long term.  A plant-based diet however is a life-long diet that becomes a lifestyle and is one you can keep up for all of your athletic goals.

4.      There are Many High Performing Vegan Athletes

Finally, if you don’t think it is possible to succeed as an athlete while following a vegan diet, take a look at all of these success stories!

It’s time to write down your fitness goals, commit to your plant-based diet and call up Savor to get you started with your first subscription vegan meals.



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