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Why you Should be Eating More Plant-Based Fats

Why you Should be Eating More Plant-Based Fats

While there was a time we were afraid of fat and tried to eliminate it from our diet, that’s no longer the case. In fact, now, there are more than a few reasons to make sure you are getting an adequate fat intake in your diet, and it presents with lots of benefits to the body, mind, and internal systems. Find out how the right fats may be able to offer you even more benefits than you realized, and why you should add them to your vegan food kit.

Improves Digestion

The oily quality of fat is a huge benefit to digestive health.  The digestive tract is made up of a lining of moist, watery mucus which plays a role in helping move food through the tract to be absorbed and eliminated. At the root of many digestive problems is the poor functionality of the mucus, and fat in the diet can help compensate for this by acting as a lubricant.  Furthermore, fat is very nourishing for the digestive tract, and rich in nutrients which are important for healing. Many people who regularly experience digestive symptoms such as nausea and bloating, find the symptoms can be alleviated by increased fat intake and by eating plant-based foods from a healthy lunch delivery service.

Offers Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Prostaglandins are short-lived compounds, which act like hormones within the body, helping to control certain systemic trajectories, such as energy production, digestion or inflammation. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are broken down in the body and go on to make prostaglandins, acting as one of the key sources of the class of prostaglandins that fight inflammation. Failure to consume enough EFAs means the body will not make these prostaglandins, or it will instead use EFAs to make prostaglandins that promote instead of inhibit inflammation.  Ground flaxseed and flax oil, as well as hemp seeds and hemp oil are two rich sources of these anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, and can easily be incorporated into your weekly vegan meal prep.

Improves Brain Function

You have likely heard of consuming fats to help boost focus and attention, reduce brain fog, and improve concentration.  EFAS are essential for healthy brain function, as our brain is composed of a significant amount of fat and the fat is important for insulation to protect our brain and help it send and receive signals to operate the rest of the body.  In addition, the brain uses some of the EFAs to build certain hormones and signalling pathways within the body, and much of this building material comes from the consumption of EFAs in our diet.

Boosts the Immune System

Whether it’s because of the cold in the winter, the wet and damp in the fall, or the sharp temperature inflections of summer, there is never a season when you don’t need to boost your immune system.  And while this happens partly by increased Vitamin C available in healthy meal delivery services, an important player in boosting immune health is the consumption of healthy fats.  Consuming essential fatty acids and healthy saturated fats gives the body the nutrients and materials it needs to rebuild and support immune cells which are critical for a healthily-functioning immune system and the body’s ability to fight off disease, reduce the severity of illness, and heal injury.

If you were on the fence about fat, hopefully now you can see the amazing benefits of this macronutrient. Order your Savor Living meal subscription service today, and you can be sure there will be lots of healthy plant-based fats included to nourish your whole self - mind and body!


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