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Letter from our Head Chef

Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m a butcher’s daughter from a long line of butchers, dating back to my great grandfather. You may ask, how does a butcher’s daughter come to create a plant-based meal delivery service?

My journey began with my 2015 New Year's resolution: MORE. More health, wellbeing, fulfillment, satisfaction and joy, every day!

My kitchen’s always been my “happy place”, where I get to do my two favourite things: create with food and nourish my loved ones. OK, maybe three things: I also love to eat good food!

My passion for delicious and healthy (yes, those two things can co-exist) food led me to complete a Plant-based Nutrition Certification Program, which changed my life.

The more I learn about plant-based eating and the more I incorporate plant-based meals into my diet (and introduce them to my family and friends), the closer I am to fulfilling my resolution.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

― Hippocrates


Nicole lives in Oakville with her family. When she’s not in the Savor Kitchen, she keeps busy being mom to three great children. Her husband, daughter and two sons are her best customers and best critics and she’s proud and fulfilled by the healthy food choices they make when they indulge in her cooking. Her husband is an Optometrist by day and Savor’s food photographer by night. He has also embraced a plant-based diet and is responsible for any cravings you may experience when browsing Savor’s menu.