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Why Savor food?

Michael Pollan said, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

When food is this good and this good for you, Pollan’s dictum has never been so easy – and tasty – to follow.

Savor for your health

Eating less meat is increasingly popular because it’s good for us. In general, the more we eat meatless, the less we weigh, the lower our risk of chronic diseases and the longer we live. No judgment here – just good (and good for you) food!

Savor for your tastebuds

OK, have we already mentioned that our food is delectable, delightful, delicious… Like we’re gonna have to put this sentence on hold so we can take another bite good?

Savor for your pocket 

Savor’s meals cost less than eating out or ordering in. They also happen to taste better and be better for you! 

Savor for the planet

It’s all about the greenhouse gases. The less animal-based and the more plant-based we eat, the less greenhouse gases are emitted. Translation: our planet lives longer.

Savor for you

Savor’s plant-based, chef crafted meals just might be the best (and best for you) you’ve ever had.

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