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Benefits of a Meal Subscription Service

Benefits of a Meal Subscription Service

Do you ever find yourself saying, “If only I could cook, I would be healthier.”  Or maybe it’s “if only I had more time, I would be able to make healthy meals.”  When it comes to working on improving your health and wellbeing, what you eat definitely plays a big role in your success and in your journey towards meeting your goals.  And yet in many cases, there are a lot of hurdles and obstacles in the way of being able to put healthy food on the table, so having someone do it for you, often sounds like a great idea.  In fact, there are many benefits to having a subscription meal service and having your own personalized healthy dinner and lunch delivered right to your door. 

Save your Health

Nourishing, vegan prepared food, is the cornerstone point of difference when it comes to reaching health goals such as losing weight, getting more energy, and reducing your risk of diseases and health complications.  By signing up for a subscription meal service, as offered by Savor Living, we will deliver vegan premade meals that are rich in nutrients, offer you sustainable energy, and allow you to become the healthiest version of yourself.  Committing to a healthy meal delivery service, means you can take the worry out of your meal time, and know that what you are getting is going to be optimally crafted to offer you maximum nutritional benefits and boost your health.

Save Money

Just as much as being about health however, getting a healthy meal delivery service in Mississauga, Oakville or Toronto, is also about saving you money.  How many times have you gone to the grocery store, buying everything you need to create your own healthy meals in your Toronto home, only to have that same food go bad in the fridge days later? Eliminate food waste, and save yourself time by booking your own vegan food delivery. Not only do you save money on ingredients, pantry items you have never even heard of, and on preventing food waste, but when it is delivered straight to your door, there is no money spent on driving, public transport, or taking a taxi to and from the store.  It’s a win all over!

Save Time

And if we’re talking about saving money on the ingredients and foiling the need to go out and buy practically an entire vegan food kit, what about the time you save? We all know that chopping vegetables, sautéeing them in the pan, waiting for the water to boil for pasta, assembling the dish, redoing the part that didn’t turn out, and then not to mention, cleaning up after the meal all take a lot of time – and often time that you don’t have! When you order vegetarian prepared meals that are all set to go, you can have your time back.  You can have it back to do the things you really want to do like spend time with your kids and family, or have a nice bath while the best vegan delivery you’ve ever had heats up in your oven. Oh and did we mention how healthy it is?

What are you waiting for? There’s no shortage of good reasons to sign up for your meal subscription service, so choose delivery from Savor living and get started today with one of our Meal Plans. You can choose from our Single Plan, Double it up Plan, or Family Plan. When you subscribe you save 10%. You can skip week, pause or cancel your subscription at anytime with 72 hours notice. You will have nothing to lose, but gain lots of good - good for you, prepared vegan meals that are so wildly delicious and complex in their flavour profiles, you will be looking forward to your next delivery before you have even finished the meals in your fridge. 

Eat Your Way to A Better Environment by Going Vegan

Eat Your Way to A Better Environment by Going Vegan

Whether you're worried about the fate of bees around the globe, or how you'll manage a Waterworld-like future, it's commonplace today to be concerned about the environment. Unfortunately, it's also normal to feel powerless about improving it. Wouldn't it be better to just put on a movie, order something from that new meal service Toronto friends have been raving about, and forget about it? After all, what can one individual do?

A lot.


You already engage daily in an activity that — with a few changes — could positively affect the planet. All you have to do is adopt a vegan diet. Benefitting the environment, it turns out, is as close to you as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Whether you choose a vegan meal prep service or learn the ropes of cooking without animal products yourself, adopting a vegan diet has been shown to reduce greenhouse gases. How? It reduces the demand for meat. A study published by the United Nations found that livestock-raising activities produce more methane and nitrous oxide worldwide than the entire transportation sector. In other words, meat and dairy production worldwide is more to blame for climate change than all our driving, flying, and cruise shipping combined.

Conserve Clean Water

Raising animals for meat, milk, and cheese accounts for roughly 1/3 of all the fresh water use on the planet. It's also a major source of water pollution. The pesticides and chemicals used in raising grains to feed livestock leach into the soil, polluting groundwater that then affects larger waterways. Additionally, the billions of tons of animal waste created through livestock industries ends up in rivers and streams, ravaging fragile ecosystems in the process. For a future with enough clean water, how we eat and what we eat must change. Eating a vegan diet is an obvious path to better water conservation and protection.

Build a Sustainable Future

What is sustainability? According to the Sustainable Communities Network, "Sustainability is the ability to meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs." When you stop eating animal products, you're actively choosing to meet your own needs in a way that won't limit your children's and grandchildren's abilities to meet theirs later.

Besides reducing greenhouse gases and conserving clean water, a vegan diet — were more people to adopt it — would lead to a dramatic change in how land is used. Land that is currently used to grow food for animals could be used to grow food for people. It could be planted in trees to help offset the deforestation that's ruining animal habitats. It could house wind farms or solar panels to free us from our harmful dependence on fossil fuels.

Improving the environment, like building Rome, won't happen in a day, but small, daily acts can make a big impact. Change your diet, and go vegan. Support for the change is easy to find. Vegan restaurants that deliver can be found in almost every metropolitan area, and great vegan recipes abound. If you really want to better the planet, it's time to start eating like it.



5 Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

5 Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

“Diet” is a word that most people don’t want to hear. But, when it comes to your health, your diet is one of the most important factors in ensuring you stay healthy, happy and young. When you eat a vegan diet in Oakville, one that is without any animal products, your health can improve dramatically. Here are five very important benefits of eating a vegan diet.

  1. Reduction in cardiovascular disease

Eating meat really has a bad effect on the body, especially on the cardiovascular system. Because meat is full of saturated fats and cholesterol, it can decrease the health of your heart and all its related components. Eating vegan, on the other hand, has been proven to have a good effect on your cardiovascular health. This includes lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels. Because a vegan diet means that people will eat higher amounts of fruits and vegetables, this also contributes to a greater level of antioxidants in the body, which help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. Reduction in cancer

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer and eating vegan is a big one. Many studies have shown that eating vegan can lower your risk of getting cancer or of cancer recurrence. This includes:

Of course, more studies need to be done to determine how a vegan diet affects other cancers, but the studies on the more common cancers are very promising.

  1. Reduction in body mass index

Most people “go on a diet” to lose weight. But, they don’t want to give up their lunch delivery service (they don’t have to!). By choosing a vegan diet as a lifestyle, the weight will more seamlessly drop off and you won’t have to restrict yourself from eating some of the foods you love (besides products with animal products), reduce your calories, and you won’t have to hit the gym as much to hit the BMI you want. Studies show that vegans have a lower body mass index than meat eaters. This is important for all sorts of health reasons, besides looking and feeling good.

  1. Longer life

Living a good, long life, that’s the goal, right? By eating a vegan diet, you can reduce your risk of death by 10% for every 3% increase in calories from plants. Not only that, your life will be richer and healthier, generally because you will have less of the ailments that meat eaters have (as discussed in this article).

  1. Better skin, hair and breath

Eating a plant-based diet isn’t just good for your insides, it improves your outside too. Vegans see improvements in their skin and hair health and even their breath. Sure, you might still face the dreaded garlic breath, but it will be because of that delicious savour delivery service you ordered.

Eating vegan is a very important step towards improving your overall health and a healthy meal delivery service in Mississauga might be one way of getting there.