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Add-On Options

Select "Add to subscription bag" during check out if you are adding any dishes to your scheduled delivery.

Asparagus Soup
Apple Crumble Chia
Egg McNuffin's
Crabby Sandwich
Cookie Tray

Subscription Options

There is no obligation to subscribe to a weekly meal plan. The option to order items individually or purchase a preselected meal plan is available without any commitment. Subcribers can Pause, Skip & Resume their plan anytime! We welcome Swap and Modification requests by email. Customers are required to notify the kitchen with ANY and ALL allergies or sensitivies as ingredients are seasonal and subject to change during production. Please return our thermal bags. We need them! Paper bags are available for delivery for one time orders by request.
Single Plan

Includes (5) full 24oz preselected dishes including salads and entrees.

Customize or SWAP any (1) dish for any other available Savor dish from the current menu

Double It Up Plan

Includes (10) full 24oz preselected dishes including salads and entrees.

Customize or SWAP any (2) items for other available Savor dish of your choice.

Family Plan

Includes (4) full 80oz preselected dishes including salads and entrees. Plus, (2) sandwich or wraps, (1) chia pudding and (1) 32oz soup

Customize or SWAP any dish for other available Savor dish from the current menu.


Seriously, it can't get any better than this. They make wholesome, creative and delicious food. Savor also has a dining area to host private dinners/events which is great. The chefs are so incredibly talented at creating plant based recipes it makes it truly a joy to open up the packed meals. Also has a smooth delivery process which was just the cherry on top! Highly recommend this service. 

The food is DELICIOUS!! I was not a "veggie" person, until I tried Savor. Everything I have tried is amazing, and everyone has been extremely nice. Don't miss out - give it a try! YUM!

Savor’s meals have dramatically improved my health and peace-of- mind. They are more delicious and better for us than the food I have the time (or talent) to make at home, and they save me and my family from the stress of cooking nightly and the costly rut of takeout!

Just made my first definitely will NOT be my last. To say I was blown away by the variety, quality, flavour, and generous portion sizes of the week's meals would be an understatement. Talk about value for your money!

Best food I’ve ever had, it’s basically like you’re eating at a fancy restaurant every day.

This service gets rid of grocery lists, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, dishes. Less food waste, more quality food. My time can now be spent MAKING MONEY working instead of spending time doing food prep.  We cook on weekends when we have more free time and can enjoy cooking together. This service is for our working days when we don’t want to spend our minimal free time doing the above mentioned tasks.  Love it, customer for life!  Excited for their kids meals when my son starts school too! Everyone hates making lunches and we all know it.

I've been searching awhile for a great Vegan Food Delivery Service when I stumbled across SAVOR LIVING ... WELL I MUST OF HIT THE JACKPOT as that weeks menu for SAVOR LIVING was all Vegan renditions of all my childhood favourites. Which was a nice surprise from just the quinoa and tofu I was seeing on other sites. Then to receive my very awesome bag of goodies that looked just like the pictures and TASTED SOOO AMAZING!!! I'M CAN'T NOT WAIT TO TASTE THIS WEEKS MENU!!!