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1. Select the Account Login icon at the top right corner of the homepage.

Login Icon

2. Login or Register as a New customer. (You should have received an invitation to create your account by email after your first purchase)

login page

3. Once you are logged in you will see your Client Page

client portal

4. Review your subscription by selecting the Manage Subscription link.

5. Manage your subscription by expanding View Details and here you can:

client portal

5.1. Update your billing and shipping address, as well as, delivery method

5.2. Update payment details and credit card information including expiration. (This must always be done by the customer online)

5.3. Swap products in your subscription plan (If another product is available of equal value).

5.4. Manage your upcoming orders!
Here you can Pause, Resume or Skip Orders dates for your subscription plan.

An IMPORTANT Note on Skipping Orders:
It is ideal to plan ahead to Skip a week of delivery! Your Order charge date is the date that your subscription plan is charged onto your credit card. It pays for that coming Tuesdays meal delivery. Therefore, it is preferable to login and skip any weeks of delivery before your credit card is charged.